Day Six

by sarajaneafshar

Suburbs Part Two



My high school track. Who would have thought I would be weeks away from 25 and coming back to this building would still fill me with dread? Looking back, I wish I wasn’t so scared in high school. I wanted to play sports, to be a part of the team, but I was too full of fear to work hard and put myself out there. So different from who I grew up to be. My run today gave me more confidence. Since I am running everyday it is important that I know when to take it easy. After pushing myself yesterday I did an easy mile and change today. As I rounded my fifth and final lap I was staring at my high school. I wasn’t even out of breath. After six days of working hard my out-of-shape body was already getting used to the routine. It just makes me look forward to my run tomorrow. I am definitely no longer a chubby sixteen-year-old pothead.

Chelmsford is in the Merrimack Valley and you can read on the news that many communities in this area are home to families who were directly impacted by the bombings, people who were cheering friends and family at the finish line. Today I was lucky enough to have my own family at the finish line. My mom and my dog were walking around the high school waiting for me to finish my run so we could spend time together after. After my run we met in the parking lot. We hopped in the mini-van and drove past people crowding the old ice cream stand. And past the horses whom I noticed were newly accompanied by a cow. And the Red Sox make-up game from Friday was starting soon. And before I knew it, I was pretty happy to be home.