Day Eight

by sarajaneafshar

Sara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

First Boston decided to slip back into 40 degree weather. Then it was raining. Then my 35 minute subway ride took an hour and a half. And finally despite promising myself that I wouldn’t push, despite knowing how dangerous it could be to go from the couch to running full force every day, I ran more than I should have yesterday and the day before and I re-injured an old sprain. Now the Red Sox lost 13 to nothing. Some days the little things feel so big. 

Needless to say, someone had to run for me today as I iced and compressed my way through classes. What happened was in March of 2012, I fell down a set of stairs during a rehearsal for the production of “Columbinus” that I was apart of at UMass Lowell and sprained my ankle pretty bad. Fellow actress Kate Munoz does a pretty good reenactment here:



I wanted to jump back into rehearsals so I got off crutches a lot sooner than I should have, and the result is my sprained ankle turned into a nagging ache any time I was active. Like I said, instead of running for Boston today, I had to do some yoga for Boston. Could be worse.

The Plus Side

There is a bright side to my achy ankle. At the suggestion of my mother, I spent some money on a couple things I really needed to take care of myself while I run. Depending on how my ankle feels tomorrow, I will probably run in an ankle brace I picked up today in Downtown Crossing along with these bad boys:



I have been running in beat up Nikes and I suffer from some extreme pronation (inward turning of ankles), so it was time I laid down some dough on a solution: stability Brooks. So although I am bummed out (but not surprise) I am injured so early in the countdown, I am prepared for next time!

I want to end on a positive note and say the despite all the annoyances today I still have a million things to be grateful for, but I am going to be real… I am pretty cranky, stressed, and ungrateful right now. Maybe since my own words can’t be positive, I’ll end with someone else’s. 

“The more we make others happy the greater will be our own happiness and the deeper our sense of having served humanity.”

–Shoghi Effendi