Day Nine

by sarajaneafshar

Night Run

I went on a night run in Revere today. Earlier in the day, I was planning on running to the memorial on Boylston since I saw how massive it has grown since I went on the 17th and there were a few flowers and notes, but a surprise visit to my law school from my best friend took me back to Revere. And to dinner at Kelly’s Roast Beef! 

I was glad he showed up at my law school today, the last day of classes, and did whatever he could to support me through the crazy time that is end-of-year exams. As he headed back to the suburbs after we had dinner and watched the Red Sox win (YES!!!), I asked him how much he thought I should run since my ankle felt better after rest yesterday (DOUBLE THE YES!!!). 

“Run to the Banana Boat and back,” he told me. For those of you who don’t know, the Banana Boat is an ice cream stand on Revere Beach. Here’s what I found when I got there:



Boston is strong. And only after nine days of running, I am strong too. My muscles are already visibly toner, I have more energy, and I have a new outlet to let out feelings. Finals are here, but I can’t wait for another run tomorrow. Goodnight, Boston.