Day Ten

by sarajaneafshar

Finals Season

Because I am in the middle of finals, the next couple weeks are going to yield brief posts so I can take the time out to do some nice, long stress-relieving runs. I was hoping to go to yoga today at the East Boston YMCA to stretch out my muscles and then run through the park, but I think the sun-shine these past couple days has made me a little too optimistic. Drop-in yoga classes are definitely for post-finals stress relief.

So after 8+ hours (without breaks) of studying at the Deli Bin in Revere, I ran to get lost so to speak, and just kept going around the streets and hills of Revere Beach without any destination in mind. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco  you know the hidden staircases that take you through people’s yards to cut across the side-streets. Well we have mini-versions of those all over Revere. They are simultaneously cute and mysterious.


I hit the peak of a hill and I could tell there was a beautiful sunset just behind the buildings in the distance. When I turned around to retrace my route, I gasped aloud. The moon was full and huge and was a beautiful hue of pale orange. When I got home and consulted an almanac like a super-nerd, I learned tonight was the night of the Pink Moon, and I just happened to catch it in it’s full bloom. By the time I ran home and tried to take a picture with a real camera, it had already shrunk back to normal moon size.

On another note there is a really heart-warming photograph of one of the bombing survivors from my original hometown of Lowell celebrating her birthday with her mother, also a survivor, and a survivor from my other hometown of Chelmsford. I really don’t want to speak for anyone in the photo, but when I look at it, I just see the word “acceptance”. Beautiful.

Well, back to criminal law and the Model Penal Code. Goodnight, moon.