Day Twelve

by sarajaneafshar

Finals Season

Absolutely beautiful day today. Took a break from studying to do my volunteer-type job: Animating a junior youth group at the Bromley-Heath Public Housing Complex in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. Check out what the program is all about here:

The youth did a beautiful thing for the city of Boston today. We helped clean the Bromley-Heath community garden in preparation for planting season. This housing complex had a really violent summer last year, with multiple shootings. Between those shootings and what happened last week, I wonder what growing up in this city, in this world, must feel like to these guys. But humans are so resilient, even children and youth. How beautiful that these junior youth– who are at what society calls “a tough age”– just spent their Saturday helping out because they wanted to. Here they are:



That picture makes me so incredibly happy. After clean-up I went for a run around Bromley. The distinct and monotonous brick buildings walled my route until I looped back around to the side of the garden:



I love this city and everyone in it.