Day Nineteen

by sarajaneafshar

Finals Season

Thoughts before a run:

My windows are open as I try to study for a final, schedule time for a run, and plan a trip to Puerto Rico that I saved up for during undergrad (I am so thankful that I planned ahead for that!). There are birds singing and salsa playing. I am so close to the end of this incredibly difficult year. Law school was so mentally and emotionally taxing. I didn’t exactly handle a lot that was thrown at me with grace, but it’s that very lack of grace that has set me up to do better. Sometimes messing up, going through the wringer, letting people see you struggle is the best way to toughen up. I feel tough(er). I feel like running for only nineteen days has helped make me tougher. Tough is good. It’s okay to be sad and scared when tragedy strikes, but it’s better to be tough. 

Three finals, a few weeks, and ten more degrees is all that separates me from jumping in my ’02 Sonata that I barely have gas money for and going to Hampton, York, Cape Cod, Wingaersheek, Plum Island, and… work. That’s 35 hours a week, unpaid and I’m lucky for it… and I have to find a place to waitress on the weekends somewhere on my beautiful, albeit, trashy Revere Beach Boulevard just to be able to afford to work for free during the week. But I am not going to complain about the economy in 2013 or act like I have it tough because I am not entitled to anything but the money I earn and the free-time I have leftover, and that means sometimes having fun is just counting down the minutes to when my boyfriend drives into the city in his Ford Ranger even though Route 16 is a neon nightmare so we can eat french fries on the beach and good God do I love New England and being broke and being almost 25 and being in love.