Day Twenty-Four

by sarajaneafshar

Finals Season

Tomorrow is it. My last final, my last day as a 1L law student. This year has been life-changing, depressing, isolating, beautiful. I’ve learned so much about myself. I feel like a completely different person.

I had an interview today for a grant to supplement my unpaid internship and the interviewer offered me the $4,000 on the spot. I don’t have to work a second job this summer, which is so relieving. There is a feeling of guilt that comes along with the gratitude  Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve these good things that happen to me because I am still so flawed.

I got to run past the memorial in Copley Square this morning after the interview. It was raining in Boston this morning, so plastic bags were covering most of the memorial to protect it from getting wet. It  has grown exponentially since the Wednesday after…



The church by the memorial offered pieces of cloth to write prayers on:



Running felt great today. Early in this blog I decided I wasn’t “running for Boston”, but that what happened last month inspired me to run for me. It’s the end of a crazy and stressful point in my life, and there is so much about myself I want to work out. I spend a lot of time thinking, obsessing, feeling less-than. But these days I am running my way through it. It feels like I was meant to be doing this all along…

Now, back to studying for the last time this school year.