Day Twenty-Three

by sarajaneafshar

Finals Season

Quick update before bed. I have one final left on Friday (!!!) and then I can return to being a real person with normal stress levels. I put on some Lowell pride for my run tonight:




At the Guru’s suggestion I conquered a hill by my apartment at the end of my run to see if I could do it. And I could do it. Here’s the view from the top:




I have an interview in the morning for a grant that would give me enough funding to not have to work a second job this summer, so I am sending myself some good vibes, and I’m praying for my amazing brother in San Fran who is prepping to take the MCAT this Saturday.  Good energy day, all around. Since my interview is by the memorial in Copley, hopefully I can go for a run there, which I have been trying to do for a couple weeks now. 

I am feeling really positive today about all I have accomplished. I feel like I am headed into a period of growth, and I am grateful. Goodnight, everyone.