Days Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine and One Month

by sarajaneafshar

A rose and a thorn

When I visited with a junior youth group in Methuen, the girls were in the practice of starting off the group meetings with going around the circle and telling everyone their rose, or high-point of the day, and their thorn, the low-point of the day. I haven’t had any time to blog in the past few days because of both roses and thorns, but I have gotten to run…

It’s been about a month since the bombings, and I took today to remember everyone who is in my life that make those nasty thorns seem like insignificant pin-pricks. There are so many people who I love and who make me laugh that I get to share my time with. People who make me feel like I am a good person, or like I have something to offer, or like I am intelligent, or funny, or kind. I am so grateful.

I took my niece, Evelyn and my good friend’s daughter, Ava (both about five-years-old), out for the day today. Ava often speaks about an awful car accident she was in over a year ago. A drunk driver struck the mini-van her father was driving, and the mini-van flipped over while Ava and her sister were strapped in their car seats. While their father was unconscious  the girls were stuck, upside down, until strangers came to them. While she was talking, Ava said that she was worried her daddy was dead… then she completely shifted gears and spoke about her bunny Mocha who is now in heaven (rest his soul). I told my niece Evelyn she needs to appreciate when she gets to spend time with Ava because Ava could have been seriously hurt that day. I didn’t get into what worse could have happened, and I am not sure Evelyn completely grasped what I meant, but I said it again, “Evelyn, we are really lucky we get to spend the day with Ava today”. Then we painted our nails. Ten little fingers, ten little toes.

Love is Furry

I have a beautiful, goofy mutt who got seriously injured a couple years ago. He was rushed to Linwood Animal Hospital in Lowell right away, where he got part of his paw amputated. It is just really amazing to me that we do that for our animals… if that is the case imagine our capacity for compassion for our fellow people.

Here is me and my buddy after our run tonight:




Everything is transitory. The roses turn to thorns then to roses again. The time between each change may be bliss or unbearable, may take months or minutes, but good and bad will always coexist. My friend, Ava’s mother, sat down face-to-face with the drunk driver who almost killed her family. She told him she forgave him. Here is to all the good in this city and in the people we love, and the good we can uncover in the people who have hurt us the most. Goodnight Massachusetts.