Days Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven

by sarajaneafshar

Take Off

Last couple days in Puerto Rico means last couple of runs.

I got to meet up with the local Baha’is last night for the Declaration of the Bab celebration. It was great to meet everyone. It was by total coincidence I found them, the story has so many twists to it that it probably was no coincidence at all. Part of me finds it hard to believe my island adventure is over and part of me finds it hard to believe it ever happened in the first place.

I went on my longest run while in Puerto Rico this morning. I ran in my bathing suit and jumped right into the sea. The water was really rough and I was exhausted from running in the 85 degree weather so I felt like a piece of driftwood in the crashing waves. It was perfect.

I love the beach and playing in the water, but I never swim far out because I am scared of sharks, and small, carnivorous whales, and piranha. Today I went in a little deeper into the water after my run because it felt so refreshing. After getting tossed by a wave I felt a small tug and some pain at my foot and wrist. This is it, I thought, This is the day I get eaten by a forgotten species of aquatic dinosaur. I saw a little blood at my wrist and some white rock under the water. Turns out I just hit a little patch of reef.

So I laughed all the way out of the water, stumbling and getting knocked over since I was too tired to fight the waves, I was stilling laughing as I collected my running shoes and socks, alone, blood on my wrist. My first thought was that people must have thought I looked like a lunatic. But, in reality, they probably just thought I looked happy.

Check-out is in a half-hour. It’s time to go.

Hasta luego, Puerto Rico.