Day Forty-Three and Forty-Four

by sarajaneafshar


I’ve been trying to stay as unplugged as possible recently. I turn on my phone when I need to communicate with someone and I’ve stayed off the computer. I’ve just been running with the dog, enjoying the weather, and generally existing. It seems to have had an effect on my perception. I was with my mom at one point today and I literally asked her if the trees looked greener this year. She informed me that, no, the neighborhood was always this green and the flowers always this bright this time of year. Anyone who knows me has probably noticed I can be a little preoccupied by my phone. But I am not going to let the colors escape me this season. 

It was 93 degrees today, so my running partner was not that thrilled about leaving his $10,000 Persian carpets to sweat on the asphalt:



Last night on our run, the humid night air felt like a soft layer of cotton were pushing through, and today the colors just seemed to jump out at us (actually, Frankie is color blind). Both runs were beautiful. It felt so okay to be alone (plus no one saw me run into that mailbox… it was dark!!). Right now I am having a PJ party with my niece and nepjhew, and I couldn’t ask for a better ending to the day.

Keep cool, Massachusetts.