Days Forty-Five and Forty-Six

by sarajaneafshar


It’s been over ninety degrees for three or four days now in Massachusetts. I thought I was being responsible by only running at night, but when I woke up dizzy and nauseous this morning and realized I barely went numero uno yesterday after drinking copious amounts of water, I knew I was dehydrated. Feeling my stomach turn as I walked around Bromley-Heath today for junior youth group just confirmed what I knew. I was hoping to do a longer run tonight, but I will be taking an unplanned break instead with some water and a book:


FYI– If anyone doesn’t already know, the best cure for dehydration is salt-water with lemon. It’s pretty gross but it works every time.

Tomorrow is my first day of my big girl job. Hopefully with some rest and re-hydration, I’ll be good to go for a run after work. Goodnight, everyone.