by sarajaneafshar

How Quickly We Forget

My promise to run and blog daily got sidetracked as I started a new job and new chapter of life. How quickly emotional resolutions give way to the comfort of doing what we want at our own convenience. I knew going into this that I was going to make a big commitment for no external “reward” in the traditional sense, but still, it seems the inward satisfaction and desire to do something positive are no match for the demands of all the things society tells me are more important than setting time aside to run and blog.

I have had great runs since I last wrote, and, personally, I am bummed I didn’t record them since I know there were moments I can’t quite remember now. I ran in a rainstorm in the South End not too long ago and I got lost. I kept telling myself something to keep running until I finally found my way, but I went to a long meeting right after the run, and I totally forgot what it was that I was telling myself for those miles. These blog posts are such moments of reflection for me that they really highlight how distracted I can get otherwise. 

The news crews have moved on, but I still keep those hurting and hurt in my mind when I walk through the city.

As I sat in traffic today I looked up to one of my favorite Boston landmarks:



Tomorrow is going to be another day in city for movement and reflection. I plan on seizing that and keeping those spirits in mind that started this journey in the first place. Goodnight, Boston