Days Sixty-Two and Sixty-Three

by sarajaneafshar


One more thought on being busy– I love running in the morning because most times it is the only time of day I get to enjoy being outside and in the sun during the week. It is a little sad that the conventional workweek is set up so that many of us do not get our daily “nature” time in, but I am SO lucky that I work in a place that is so close to the city and home, but that is green, lush and beautiful. 

I started my run this morning by the chapel on the BC Law campus that used to be Sacred Heart College. The cross on the top of the chapel reached for the leftover wisps of clouds from (what should be) the last of the rainstorms we have been getting here. It was an inspiration, a lodestar under the sun-star right before I got rid of any early-morning grumpiness by pounding into the asphalt and out of me.


I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.