A 365 Day Tribute to the Victims of the Boston Bombing

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Day Twenty-Four

Finals Season

Tomorrow is it. My last final, my last day as a 1L law student. This year has been life-changing, depressing, isolating, beautiful. I’ve learned so much about myself. I feel like a completely different person.

I had an interview today for a grant to supplement my unpaid internship and the interviewer offered me the $4,000 on the spot. I don’t have to work a second job this summer, which is so relieving. There is a feeling of guilt that comes along with the gratitude  Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve these good things that happen to me because I am still so flawed.

I got to run past the memorial in Copley Square this morning after the interview. It was raining in Boston this morning, so plastic bags were covering most of the memorial to protect it from getting wet. It  has grown exponentially since the Wednesday after…



The church by the memorial offered pieces of cloth to write prayers on:



Running felt great today. Early in this blog I decided I wasn’t “running for Boston”, but that what happened last month inspired me to run for me. It’s the end of a crazy and stressful point in my life, and there is so much about myself I want to work out. I spend a lot of time thinking, obsessing, feeling less-than. But these days I am running my way through it. It feels like I was meant to be doing this all along…

Now, back to studying for the last time this school year.

Day Twenty-Three

Finals Season

Quick update before bed. I have one final left on Friday (!!!) and then I can return to being a real person with normal stress levels. I put on some Lowell pride for my run tonight:




At the Guru’s suggestion I conquered a hill by my apartment at the end of my run to see if I could do it. And I could do it. Here’s the view from the top:




I have an interview in the morning for a grant that would give me enough funding to not have to work a second job this summer, so I am sending myself some good vibes, and I’m praying for my amazing brother in San Fran who is prepping to take the MCAT this Saturday.  Good energy day, all around. Since my interview is by the memorial in Copley, hopefully I can go for a run there, which I have been trying to do for a couple weeks now. 

I am feeling really positive today about all I have accomplished. I feel like I am headed into a period of growth, and I am grateful. Goodnight, everyone. 

Days Twenty and Twenty-One

Finals Season

As I make it half-way through finals some interesting things from the past came up. I have good friends to be there for me and let me borrow their running shoes when I am away from home (thanks Molly!). As for right now, I am counting down the minutes finals are over and I can jump ship to Puerto Rico for some serious reflection and re-evaluation, then come back and head to Boston’s FIRST festival, and check out some shows around town before I start my amazing internship. Here’s a cell phone picture from my quick run in Somerville, Winter Hill, of the ubiquitous blossom around Boston and a streetlight.


For now, I am just glad I have the people I do and I am glad good times are on the horizon.

Day Eleven

Finals Season

Property Law awaits me so here it goes!

My Plan– Con Law review session on Stuart Street, then run to Boylston and do a couple miles around the Common, get back to studying, hit the hay.

My Reality– Forgot about a doctor’s appointment in the suburbs, had to meet my dad at Logan Airport where he was dropping off my mom so she could go to Chicago, jumped into the mini-van to catch a ride to Chelmsford (after taking a picture at the American Airlines departure terminal to trick a few friends into thinking I skipped town due to finals stress), headed to the Burlington Mall where dad was meeting an employee to hand off his paycheck, but the employee was accidentally waiting at the Woburn Mall (yes, it exists), loud f-bomb, quick u-turn, then paycheck in Javier’s hands, then Dad has to go to Home Depot for a job (tax-free in Nashua), so somehow my plan to study in Boston ended up with me outlining at a Panera in New Hampshire. Isn’t that life?

After sitting on my butt, reading for hours, I felt pain in my right hip  which where my best friend, I am going to call him the Guru since I go to him for every running-related issue, noticed I was super-tight. I am learning that running is also about recovery. So today I found a great half-hour stretch routing on Youtube, and boom, the hip feels amazing. Ready for a long one tomorrow. Here’s Frankie helping me get my stretch in:


Since  I stretched it out today, the Guru ran 5.5 for me and for Boston. He’s getting ready for end of year/finals stuff too, so I am very thankful he took the time out for a run. 

Today on the news I saw the driver of the car that was hijacked by the bombing suspects did not want to be identified by the media. He said that he didn’t want to be mistaken for a hero, because he was only trying to save himself. I really appreciated his honesty. He could have taken so many liberties with that moment, painted his escape in so many ways, but he chose to be honest and admit that self-preservation guided him out of the car at the exact right moment. Of course, in the end, that quick-thinking, no matter the motive, really did make him a hero. It sounds like he is not going to like the media attention when his name is released on public record if this thing goes to trial. There must be a sort of embarrassment  or at least intense pressure, to be labeled a hero when you’re merely acting on instinct. But, even looking at it through objective causation, it was his action that led police to the suspects. So thanks, Danny. And hopefully the press will be gentle when they find out your real name. 

That’s it tonight. Goodnight Massachusetts (and thanks for today New Hampshire).