A 365 Day Tribute to the Victims of the Boston Bombing

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Two Months

For this city…

I can’t think of a better way to spend today than serve this city. Here are some local junior youth planting in their local community garden today in their housing complex:


My mom came out from the suburbs to help us plant. After we got the seeds in the ground and the junior youth back home, we made an Eithopian food pit-stop at Blue Nile in JP. I went back to Chelmsford with her for the night. As soon as I go there, I put my running partner on his leash, and we ran against a backdrop of pink fluff in a pale, blue sky.

It’s late now, and I’ve already broken my promise to update as regularly as I supposed to, so hopefully my run tomorrow, in one of my favorite places in Massachusetts, will more than make-up for the ball I’ve dropped.

Goodnight, all.

Day Forty-Three and Forty-Four


I’ve been trying to stay as unplugged as possible recently. I turn on my phone when I need to communicate with someone and I’ve stayed off the computer. I’ve just been running with the dog, enjoying the weather, and generally existing. It seems to have had an effect on my perception. I was with my mom at one point today and I literally asked her if the trees looked greener this year. She informed me that, no, the neighborhood was always this green and the flowers always this bright this time of year. Anyone who knows me has probably noticed I can be a little preoccupied by my phone. But I am not going to let the colors escape me this season. 

It was 93 degrees today, so my running partner was not that thrilled about leaving his $10,000 Persian carpets to sweat on the asphalt:



Last night on our run, the humid night air felt like a soft layer of cotton were pushing through, and today the colors just seemed to jump out at us (actually, Frankie is color blind). Both runs were beautiful. It felt so okay to be alone (plus no one saw me run into that mailbox… it was dark!!). Right now I am having a PJ party with my niece and nepjhew, and I couldn’t ask for a better ending to the day.

Keep cool, Massachusetts.

Day Five

Suburbs Part One

Today my best friend, with whom things have been tough– extremely rocky– the past few months, motivated me to go on the longest run I’ve been on in my life.  He’s a big part of why I run, but that story for a different time. We ran today near his old high school in Acton where he was the captain of the track team. He is an amazing runner and he has the most beautiful gift of inspiring people to run. There are so many people we know in common who started running or pushed harder because of the enthusiasm he brings to the pavement.

While we ran we talked about how running out in the suburbs was a lot different than running in the city. On city blocks the intersections are one after another, people are everywhere, the sights are varied and simultaneous. The sidewalk moves fast. Out here in the burbs it is endless back roads, tree after tree, it reminds me of childhood. It makes me a little sad when I come to the suburbs. I felt like the misfit in my small town and going through teen years with that burden just puts seriousness into life that is completely unnecessary. As I got older I understand how I brought that chip on my shoulder upon myself, like many misfits, it turns out to be a question of attitude. Again, when I run in my hometown tomorrow, I think it will likely bring upon a lot of thoughts on that matter.

Before we started running I asked my best friend if he thought my blog was stupid. He isn’t the biggest fan of the sentimental. His response put a beautiful spin on things. He said the most positive thing about the blog was it was getting me to do something extremely positive for myself and my body and mental health and spirit. Suddenly this project wasn’t just a tribute I created for victims of a tragedy (including the fallen police officer and the other injured transit cop). This blog and my runs are an amazing gift the victims of this week’s events have given me. Thank you.

Acton, a quintessential New England town, at sunset on my run.